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Get the most powerful conversion dropdown for WordPress

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Get the most powerful conversion dropdown for WordPress  

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  • Increased Conversions

    A conversion bar that is ready whenever your customers are means increased conversions.

  • Smarter CTAs

    Timing is everything. Smart CTAs enable you to present the right action at the right time.

  • Game-Changing Insights

    Use insights that tell the story of how your visitors become customers to create a better funnel.

What our customers are saying...

  • “It's easily the best I've used. It's so simple to use. I love the conditional logic, and being able to change the style, size, color, and location and timing of the bar within like 2 seconds.”


  • “Tried several other options before settling on this one, which was head and shoulders above the others. A lot of thought and attention to detail went into the interface and functionality, and it shows!”


  • “Quickiebar changed the game for my website. My last plugin equivalent was overpriced & lacked the features. Super easy setup & I love the clean graphical interface.”